Do New Water Meters Actually Increase Water Revenue?


A common driver for water utilities to update their metering system is the improved accuracy of new meters….but do new water meters actually increase water revenye?

Quantifying the impact of the increase in accuracy is important to understanding the financial impact to the Water/Sewer Fund, ROI of the project, as well as change to customer bills.

In this resource article we’ll discuss some of the considerations in measuring current meter accuracy, the impact to water loss, potential offsetting factors, and the net impact to water consumption.

How to Implement a Cost-Effective Energy & Sustainability Strategy


All entities with a substantial energy and water footprint should have a well-defined Energy & Sustainability (E&S) strategy. This reduces financial risk, enhances environmental stewardship, and increases operational efficiency and stakeholder (students, staff, etc.) well-being.

While having an E&S strategy is altruistic, if there is not a cost-effective plan to implement proposed tactics the plan will end up collecting dust on a shelf and have little of its intended impact. In this article we’ll discuss how contract structure, procurement choice, and financing options can be optimized to achieve best value in implementation cost.