Take a holistic approach to managing your utility costs

Holistic Utility Solutions
is an integrated
energy services company
that focuses on delivering
best value solutions to
public and private sector clients.

Many companies only focus on one or two aspects of energy/water cost reduction, but utilities are interconnected systems that need to be approached in an integrated manner.

Here are the four primary strategies we consider in developing your plan

How much do you use?

Conservation is often the best ROI strategy to reduce costs and emissions. We evaluate your existing system and help you implement the right technologies and programs to reduce waste.

What does it cost?

In deregulated markets, energy contracts can be competitively bid between suppliers. After analyzing your usage and understanding your goals, we make sure you’re on the right plan.

When do you use it?
(Demand Management)

In most markets, a large component of your electric cost is based on when you use power. This is measured in demand (KW) and can be managed through load shifting programs, demand response, batteries, and more.

Should you make your own?
(Renewables & Resiliency)

Sustainability and resiliency are key goals for many entities. When designed properly, solar power and other forms of on-site generation can be cost effective ways to make sure you have power when you need it, while also doing the environment some good.

Let’s get started on a holistic strategy to achieving your goals.