We believe
is key

You may just need a strategic roadmap.

You may need an owner’s rep to help implement that roadmap.

You may need a full turnkey delivery with a single contract that includes all aspects of implementation, financing, and maintenance.

We offer contracting models to meet each of these scenarios:


If you just need someone to help evaluate a lighting project or determine how your city should move forward with Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), our consulting services may be best for you.

We clearly define what we will analyze and lay out a detailed scope of the deliverable. We then collaborate with our own team and other experts to pull together the plan to meet your needs.

Owner’s Rep

If you don’t have the in-house capacity and expertise to manage the implementation of your strategic plan we can stay involved throughout the duration of the project. We will help run competitive RFPs for services and oversee project delivery to make sure it is implemented on time and on budget.

Under this model we are not the prime contractor subcontracting the services, so this tends to be a lower cost way to implement than our turnkey delivery model. In exchange the owner needs to be more involved in procuring and managing the various trades.

This model best for midsize to large customers that have in-house capability but need additional support and expertise throughout the project.

Turnkey Delivery

If you want to have us design and delivery your strategy turnkey we can do so through a number of contracting mechanisms. We will delivery some items in-house while subcontracting other services. Our goal is to minimize the levels of markup and keep the overall cost as low as possible to you.

We hold several contracts through The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS) to simplify and expedite the procurement process for public agencies.

Let us guide you through a holistic strategy to achieving your goals.